In 2017, the FFS team conducted research exploring the drivers and support landscape for CSO financial sustainability in Colombia, Mexico, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and the Philippines.

This work includes two primary studies: 1) an in-depth analysis of funder strategies to support financial sustainability; and 2) an in-depth analysis of systemic challenges faced by CSOs and successful practices for achieving financial sustainability in various contexts.

This research has culminated in the publication of three ambitious research papers, which provide key information on how civil society actors, funders, policy makers and other relevant individuals can support and increase local CSO financial sustainability.

Read the reports here:

Research Synthesis

An overall synthesis of the key lessons learned on strategies and approaches to CSO financial sustainability based on CSO stakeholder interviews and a large-scale analysis of grants.

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Funder Deep-Dive Analysis

Read our deep dive analysis of the strategies that funders use to support financial sustainability in six countries.

Read the report.

CSO Deep-Dive Analysis

Read our review of the drivers of CSO financial sustainability based on interviews with representatives from 30 CSOs across six countries, using a Qualitative Comparative Analysis method.

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Executive Summary

Read an overview of the findings from across the research reports.

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