The Colombia ALG is composed of CSOs active in the region of Montes de Maria. The ALG has identified 3 specific goals and associated activities required to increase financial sustainability of CSOs in the Montes de Maria region. Based on the “Local Organization Financial Sustainability Approach” (LOFT) Approach which included group mapping exercises, analysis, and discussion, the following goals have been prioritized:

  • Resource mobilization;
  • Capacity building; and
  • Deepening understanding of the local Montes de Maria context.

Goal 1: Formalize Resource Mobilization and Donor Engagement Efforts

The ALG is requesting support to identify, formalize and manage strategic alliances, both financial and non-financial. The ALG members identified the pressing need for CSOs to build a structured approach to sustainability by diversifying funding and decreasing their overreliance and dependence on one type of funding stream. A need for an online platform that tracks procurement opportunities was also identified as a necessary step towards overall long-term sustainability.

  • Strengthen strategic alliances
  • Develop a structured approach to diversify funding
  • Formalize tracking of procurement opportunities

Goal 2: Address Capacity and Knowledge Gaps

The ALG members identified an overall lack of capacity within local organizations working in the Montes de Maria region in understanding rules and policies related to taxation, administration and accounting. In particular, ALG members mentioned that Colombia’s new fiscal legislation and regulation is complex and that they struggle to understand and adequately comply with rules and requirements. The ALG members have also identified general knowledge gaps related to donor procurement processes and how to effectively respond to funding opportunity solicitations.

  • Increase capacity of CSOs in Montes de Maria to comply with new fiscal rules and regulations.
  • Increase capacity of CSOs in Montes de Maria to effectively respond to solicitations.

Goal 3: Understanding Local Context

ALG members have noted that there is not an easily accessible, local platform that houses existing research and studies on financial sustainability. The ALG members have identified the need to develop a “digital library” that provides a systemic review and meta-analysis of existing research on the main factors that contribute to financial sustainability of CSOs in the Montes de Maria region. As members of these ALGs did not participate in the research Phase of the FFS activity, many are interested in understanding how financial sustainability “works” in the specific context of Montes de Maria.

  • Increase understanding and documentation of barriers to and enablers of CSO financial sustainability in Montes de Maria.

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