Facilitating Financial Sustainability (FFS) is part of the USAID’s Local Works program, which promotes locally-owned and locally-led development by connecting local resources to local actors. FFS is a three-year activity (March 2017-March 2020) with the goal of identifying and improving the factors underlying CSO financial sustainability as a key element to empower local organizations and local populations to lead and influence development decision-making.

FFS has three distinct phases:

  • Research on the systems factors which are most conducive to strong CSO financial sustainability in different contexts and how this sustainability is connected to local ownership of development;
  • Using insights from the research as the starting point for facilitated collective stakeholder action on the ground through Action Learning Groups (ALGs); and
  • Scaling the combined learning from the research and the ALG process on the roles that different types of organizations can play in facilitating financial sustainability through dissemination of the “Local Organization Financial Sustainability” approach.

For more information, please contact jwhite@linclocal.org.